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What's in your hands?

Asking the questions and realizing the resources that stimulate growth

  • Offering small business training to churches and communities

  • Partnering with specialists in relevant fields to diversify job training (farming, medical, etc)

  • Expanding business possibilities through our connections for community impact







Small business Part I: WHY do it?

  1. There is a need for ways for people to provide for themselves and their families
  2. There is a great potential for growth in business using the available skills and passions.
  3. There is a biblical mandate for work in the Bible. 








Small Business Part II: HOW do we do it?

  1. By going in asking questions, not necessarily having our own ideas.
  2. The primary question is 'what's in your hands?' (materials, skills, passions).
  3. By connecting people to available resources. By referring to the biblical principles of business





Small Business Part III: WHAT will we be doing?

We are
  1. Using baking as a way for women to provide for their families.
  2. Using open-ended curriculum asking-What do you have in your hands?
  3. Testing urban agriculture in the community using underutilized crops.
  4. Teaching life skills related to managing finances, work, and family.






How can I Partner?

Partner with The East Africa Mission to bring gospel change to the unreached and unempowered peoples of East Africa  

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